3 Alternatives to AdBrite

In the online advertising game things can shift pretty quickly and the closure of AdBrite on February 1st at Data Recovery Hospital proved that. The notice was quick with an email going out to publishers just 4 days before the lights were turned off and the company shutdown. The website for AdBrite.com is now dead and any publisher that was using them for revenue for their website is left looking for alternatives. Luckily there are lots and lots of advertising companies out there just waiting to take on AdBrite’s old publishers. Here are a list of 3 advertisers that ex AdBrite publishers might want to take a look at.



Bidvertiser offer’s a good alternative to both AdBrite and Adsense with their bid based advertising system. Advertisers can bid on ad spots on your site and you get good granular reporting to see what is happening with your ads. You also get paid for both clicks on your site and also if those click convert. Bidvertiser offers monthly payment for anyone earning $10 or more in a month.



Chitika is a well established advertising company that does a good job of using data to maximize your ad revenue. They will target ads on your site based on content, location and device to make sure visitors are seeing the most relevant ads which in turn makes sure you are getting the best revenue for your ad spots. Chitika also has a nice low payout threshold for getting payments. You can get a PayPal payout every month if you earn $10 or more.



PopAds can be considered a good alternative for those AdBrite users that liked to use popups and popunders for their ad revenue. They have high payouts to publishers with their rates never being below $4 per 1,000 visitors. They also payout very fast with an on demand payment system that allows you to get paid whenever you want typically within 24 hours, no longer having to wait 30 days or 60 days for a payment.

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