3 Fiverr Online Marketing Gig’s to Stay Away From

3 Fiverr Gigs to Stay Away From

Let me just start by first saying that I love Fiverr. I use it a lot and there are some fantastic sellers on there that provide a great service. That being said however it is very much buyer beware. Finding the perfect gig for your needs can be very much hit and miss. Some areas are definitely more risky than others and the web traffic portion is one of those areas. Below are some examples of real Fiverr gigs that you want to steer well clear of.

“I will drive unlimited real traffic to your website”

Sounds too good to be true right? Well trust your instinct, it is. There are several of these types of gigs on Fiverr all offering a similar type of service. When you read the details they all seem to offer anywhere from around 80 to 200 visitors a day to your website for 1 to 2 months for just $5.

While these services may well deliver on what they promise, the quality of this actual traffic is worthless and in some cases can actually be damaging. The traffic is most likely generated from a combination of mistyped domain names, blind clicks and pop unders. That majority of visitors will most likely never even see your page (in the case of pop unders) and for those that do will immediately click away from your page as they had no intention of visiting it.

You will get no interaction from these visitors, and will not be able to make any money from them. If they were worth something then the seller would not be selling so much traffic for $5. This kind of traffic can actually be harmful to your website as well as it will drive up your bounce rate which Google views negatively. Even worse, if you have ads you will see your CPM rates dropping as these ads go unseen and unclicked on.

“I will submit your website to 200,000 search engines”

Firstly I’m pretty sure there aren’t 200,000 search engines in existence. Beyond that though there are a couple of things that make this a complete waste of money.

Firstly this isn’t 1995 anymore. You don’t need to submit your website to a search engine. Search engines will find your site all on there own, they have been doing so for decades now. The era of ‘submitting your site’ is long gone. Don’t waste your money having someone do something the search engines already do for free for you.

Secondly, the last time I checked (which was pretty recently), there are only 3 search engines that really matter, Google, Yahoo and Bing. If anyone knows of any others that really count and drive good traffic, please let me know in the comments.

“I will add 1,000 twitter followers to your account in 1 day”

While this may seem like a great idea the reality of the fact is every single one of the followers you gain from purchasing this service will either be a fake user or a hacked user. either way they will be worthless.

You will never get any engagement from these users as they are bots or dormant users. All you will succeed in doing is bulking out your follower count with user that will drive down the engagement ratio of your content on twitter. Better to spend that money on 10 real users that will reply, retweet and like your tweets rather than 1,000 users that will do nothing at all.

As I mentioned at the start, Fiverr is a great place to get some work done for cheap. Unfortunatly there are people on their that will give you even less than the $5 value you paid for. Hopefully this blog post will help you become a little more aware of some of the gigs you should be staying well away from.


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    I am so glad you posted this article. Fiverr, while it has many fantastic gigs, there are so many unrealistic ones just as you have highlighted. Thanks for this.

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