3 Must Read Tips For Creating A Better Blog Headline

3 Must Read Tips For Creating A Better Blog Headline
There is no denying that content is still king, but all good content must start with a great headline. To get people to read the fantastic content you are writing, you first have the grab their attention. When you have their attention they will more likely click/tap through to read your blog post. The best way to do this is with a catchy headline. In this blog post I will highlight 3 simple but effective methods you can use today to help optimize your blog post titles.
Before we dive into the tips though I want to emphasize that it’s important to make sure your titles remain accurate. Do not mislead the reader. If your content doesn’t match up to the promise of the title you will do more damage than good.
Tip 1: Use Context Words
Use Context Words
NativeAdvertising recently performed a study of words and headline titles. The study revealed a list of 1072 words that when used in a blog title are more likely to elicit a reaction from the reader than any other words. The study hooked up willing people to an EEG machine. These people were then shown different words and their brains responses recorded. The end result was a list of 1072 words broken down into the categories, Insight, Time, Space and Motion. The same study also revealed that the best responses to these words were when there was a 17% density of these words within the blog title. This means that these words took up 17% of the words in the blog title.
Tip 2: Use Emotion
Use Emotion Words
There have been several studies performed that prove that when a blog title invokes an emotion in the reader, the reader is more likely to want to read the blog post. These emotions could be Anger, Intrigue, Joy, Compassion, Disgust or any other emotion. Both Positive and Negative emotions invoked from a blog title will create a higher interest in the blog post. Negative emotions do create a greater interest than positive ones. When writing blog post titles, try to include some emotion based words in them. Stir up the readers positive or negative feelings.
Tip 3: Create Longer Titles
Create Longer Titles
Contrary to popular belief, long blog post titles perform better than short blog post titles. The length is surprisingly long with the sweet spot being somewhere between 15 and 17 words. Titles even as long as 22 words can also be more successful than short titles. This is a tricky one to work with, as there are limits within tools such as email clients and search engines. These tools will shorten blog titles that are too long. You should use longer blog title in the right environment such as social media networks where you know whoever is going to be reading the title will see the entire title.
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