The growth of online shopping is simply impressive. According to a recent study by eMarketer, a research and advisory company, the global online retail business will grow to $100 trillion by 2022. Even though people spend more money online than in-store, the convenience and versatility of online shopping make it a clear trend to keep an eye on. Plus, it is a lot easier to find “good deals” online, you just simply have to go to a coupon website likeĀ Raise.

This was made possible by the proliferation of online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. Most of these companies are comprised of a single-source business model, meaning they have a centralized decision making process to deliver services to customers. There is no middleman to lose profits or to take market share.

So how is Amazon different from a traditional company?

From my point of view, the key difference between a company like Amazon and a traditional retail company is the lack of sales personnel.

Traditional retail companies require managers and sales associates to attend meetings to raise concerns and to report sales. This is time-consuming, and also doesn’t factor in any discounts. This also doesn’t take into consideration any potential customer dissatisfaction. And if the sales associates are not effective at their jobs, then a manager cannot be effective, either. At Amazon, each salesperson is an independent salesperson. In addition, the same staff can be used to help with shipping, and on a daily basis help customers. Customers are expected to visit Amazon, to make a purchase, and to provide a receipt when the products arrive. In this way, the company can guarantee the quality of the product and reduce returns.

I have also talked about the company’s inventory system, which gives staff members a way to monitor the status of every product. These products are checked for defective goods, or for products that are damaged. This allows the staff to keep a close eye on all aspects of the inventory, ensuring that the product that is purchased is of high quality. It is important for staff members to be able to work together to create a more profitable, efficient inventory system for the company. These staff members are responsible for the ordering of products as well as the tracking of their delivery. It is important that the shipping of these products happen in a timely manner to ensure the customers satisfaction. The order management system that they use also allows them to know how many products have been ordered, and how much is left over in their inventory. This information is used to manage the order system to optimize their business.

How is the company organized?

The company has a board of directors that oversees the business and make decisions for the company. The company’s CEO is the CEO and a director from the board of directors. They manage the company operations as well as the day-to-day operations of the company. The most important person in the company is the VP Sales and Marketing who leads the company in selling the products. He or she handles customer queries about their products and can assist them with ordering and shipping of the product. They are also responsible for maintaining the company website. The company also has employees to perform certain tasks and tasks will be assigned to them. Examples of tasks are maintaining the company website and email accounts, working on products and answering customer queries. It also has a team of analysts that are responsible for analyzing data and reporting their findings. This team also makes sure that the data the company gathers is accurate and they review their reports on a regular basis.


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