The growth of online shopping is simply impressive. According to a recent study by eMarketer, a research and advisory company, the global online retail business will grow to $100 trillion by 2022. Even though people spend more money online than in-store, the convenience and versatility of online shopping make it a clear trend to keep […]

3 Must Read Tips For Creating A Better Blog Headline

3 Must Read Tips For Creating A Better Blog Headline

There is no denying that content is still king, but all good content must start with a great headline. To get people to read the fantastic content you are writing, you first have the grab their attention. When you have their attention they will more likely click/tap through to read your blog post. The best […]

7 Thing That WILL Happen When You Publish A Blog Post

7 Things That Will Happen When You Publish Your Blog Post

Blogging is hard, blogging is really hard. If you are starting your first blog there are a few things you should know up front so that you have the right expectations going in. While some of these items might seem a bit demoralizing, stick at it and work hard. Blogging can be one of the […]

3 Fiverr Online Marketing Gig’s to Stay Away From

3 Fiverr Gigs to Stay Away From

Let me just start by first saying that I love Fiverr. I use it a lot and there are some fantastic sellers on there that provide a great service. That being said however it is very much buyer beware. Finding the perfect gig for your needs can be very much hit and miss. Some areas […]

Valentines Day Traffic is coming, are you ready?

Valentines Traffic Blog Article

Christmas and New Years have come and gone but there is no time to rest because Valentines Day is coming up fast hot on it’s heels. As webmasters and bloggers there is no time to waste. We need to start preparing for this next holiday now so that we can maximize on the traffic it […]

7 Top Website Traffic Generating Holidays


For most website owners, the holiday periods can be some of the most high traffic times if you plan your content correctly.  I have been running websites for over 20 years now and over the years have used holiday content to drive millions of extra visitors to my websites.   If plan correctly and create […]

How do I get Halloween Bat Hearts on Periscope?

How to get Halloween Bats instead of hearts in your Periscope

How to get Halloween Bats instead of hearts in your Periscope[/caption]You may have noticed recently that some periscope hearts turn up as bats when you tap on the screen. It turns out this is a fun new Halloween Easter egg put in by Periscope just for Halloween. So how do you get these Halloween bat […]

Your Facebook page likes are about to drop


Those of you who woke up this morning and checked your Facebook insights for their Facebook page saw an interesting message that doesn’t bode well for like counts.  The message informs Facebook page admins that on March 12th they may see a reduction in the number of likes they currently have on their page.  We’ve […]