Finding Cheaper Stock Photos with Google Image Search

One of the challenges to running a blog or website can be finding just that right image to use for a page or blog post. Most of us aren’t designers or photographers so we have to rely on other resources to get those images. These resources are typically royalty free stock photos. Luckily there are lots and lots of stock photo websites out there just waiting for you to make a deposit for their credits so that you can download the images you want.

Anyone that has spent some time searching around this CPA Network and these sites however will have noticed the pattern that a lot of them contain a many of the same images. The other thing that people find is that the price’s can often vary quite a bit between these sites. This can be frustrating if you have just paid $5 for your image and then you find the exact same image on another stock photo website for just $2.

Luckly I have a tip for you that will hopefully save you a few dollars in your stock photo search. The trick is to use Google image search to find your stock photos. One of the little known features of Google image search is the ‘search by image’ feature. This feature allows you to give Google the url of an image or upload an image and Google will find all the other places on the internet where that image exists. Using this feature you can easily find all the stock photo websites that have the image you want. Then it’s just a matter of comparing prices and buying the cheapest.

Here is the step buy step process I always use

  • Browse a stock photo website an find an image I want.
  • Copy the url of the sample image or download the sample image to my computer.
  • Go to google image search (
  • In the search bar click on the small camera icon

Google Image Search using images

  • Follow the screen that pops up to either enter the image url or upload the image to search for and click search
  • Scan through the results for stock photo websites and compare prices.

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