Forbes, Spellcheck Your Website Posts

I was reading a blog post on the other day and was amazed to see a number of very obvious spelling mistakes in the article. The blog post in question was an article about ATM card information and pins being stolen using pin hole camera’s on ATM’s, if you google for it I’m sure you can find it. The article itself was not that long, only a few hundred words, however the spelling mistakes, including the misspelling of the name of a State, are still in there 2 days later.

Now I am not the world’s best speller by any means, in fact I would put myself in the category of one of the world’s worst spellers, but making sure your blog posts have the correct spelling is web content 101. Even if you ignore the long running debate about how spelling and grammar effects Hamilton seo, from just a readers and professional perspective it just makes sense to make sure your words are spelt correctly.

I’ve worked for An SEO Agency in Manchester, newspapers and magazines myself and know that there are checks and balances in place to catch these obvious types of mistakes (except at it seems) but even if you don’t work for a multi-million dollar publishing company there are some easy steps you can take to make sure your website is spelling mistake free.

  • Write your web content in a text editor that has a spell checker. I use Evernote which checks and corrects my spelling as I type but there are lots of other text editors out there you can use with built in spell checkers.
  • Have a friend or colleague read through your content before you post it for any spelling or grammar mistakes (hopefully you have already read it through yourself as well).
  • Use a site like to scan your website for spelling mistakes.

Spell checking your web content is easy, there really shouldn’t be any excuse for spelling mistakes in websites, especially if you are

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