How do I get Halloween Bat Hearts on Periscope?

How to get Halloween Bats instead of hearts in your Periscope How to get Halloween Bats instead of hearts in your Periscope[/caption]You may have noticed recently that some periscope hearts turn up as bats when you tap on the screen. It turns out this is a fun new Halloween Easter egg put in by Periscope just for Halloween. So how do you get these Halloween bat hearts on your scope?

It’s actually pretty easy, they are available to everyone and all you have to do is start a scope with the the hashtag Halloween in your title.  For example if you titled your scope “Tap on my periscope screen to give me #halloween bat hearts” then when anyone gives you hearts, some of them will be bats.

It’s that simple but it only works if you have the hashtag #halloween in your scope title. My guess is this will be removed after Halloween but who knows maybe they will create a Holiday heart to replace it.

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