Icons for everything from Iconmonstr

Finding just the right icon for that button in your app can sometimes be a tough challenge.  Then finding 3 other icons in the same style for other buttons can be even harder.  This is where Iconmonstr can very quickly become a developers best friend.  Iconmonstr is a repository of over 2,000 icons that developers can use in their projects for free.

The icons are broken down into categories for easy browsing and the search tool makes it even easier to find the icon you are looking for.  The icons can be downloaded in either png or svg format which is great for scaling the icons without any loss of quality.  

These icons are great for any web project or mobile app where you need a consistent look and feel for your buttons or graphics.  The great thing is you can modify and reuse these icons for free both in personal and commercial projects without any attribution required.

Check out Iconmonstr today at http://iconmonstr.com/

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