Must Listen Podcasts for November 2014

The last month has delivered as usual a large number of very good, high quality useful podcasts for our listening pleasure. I listen to a lot of podcasts every month on a variety of subjects and this month I have picked out the following that stand out from the crowd. I encourage everyone to subscribe and listen to them (if you haven’t already).

flipped lifestyle podcastFlipped Lifestyle Podcast – Episode 15

What to do in Month 2 of Starting an Online Business with only 1 Hour a Day & $100 a Month

I always enjoy listening to Shane and Jocelyn talk about how they have built a successful online business and how you can to. This episode is the second part of their month to month breakdown of how to start your online business if you have very little time and very little money.


the offroad millennialThe Off-Road Millennial – Episode 39

Online Business Basics

Mallie’s podcast is one I’ve only just started listening to recently but I’m steadily going back through the archive a listening the past episode. In this episode Mallie does a great job of laying out all of the basics you need to know if you are heading into the online business.


learning with leslieLearning with Leslie – Episode 187

Ten Common Blogging Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Leslie is by far one of the happiest and most energetic podcasters I have ever heard. This upbeat and can do attitude shines through in his podcasts and regardless of the subject you always come away feeling inspired and with a long list of to do items. In this episode Leslie talks about 10 common mistakes bloggers can make which all of us can relate to.

If you enjoy these podcasts make sure you subscribe to them and give them a 5 star review in iTunes to let them know you appreciate all the hard work and free advice they give you.




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    Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of listening to podcasts but somehow I never get around to it. It’s great to get an idea of what others are finding useful.

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