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Buying a domain name is normally one of the first things we all do when we set up a website, but before you can buy your domain name you have to chose the right place to buy your domain from. There are lots and lots of different places to buy your domain from but 2 of the biggest and best are and It’s important to make sure you buy your domain from the right place to make sure you get the right support and service and you can’t go wrong with either of these 2 choices. When it comes down to it however you have to pick one. Hopefully this article can help you with your decision making.


Both companies offer very close pricing and very cheap domain names however there are several different factors to take into account when comparing the two. GoDaddy is slightly cheaper for .com domains initially but NameCheap publishes a coupon every month if you search for it which makes them slightly cheaper after coupons. If you are buying for multiple years then GoDaddy’s jumps a lot making it more expensive. NameCheap adds in a free privacy guard which is a must for most people (it keeps your address secret) whereas GoDaddy charges up to $9.99 for this.

NameCheap : Winner

GoDaddy : Loser

Checkout Process

Both checkout processes are nice and they both offer up-sell’s in the checkout process to get you to spend more money with GoDaddy’s being a bit more prominent (read obtrusive). GoDaddy automatically defaults you to a 2 year registration which you have to watch for if you only want to pay for one year. NameCheap also takes the extra steps of setting up your domain correctly up front if you want or you can skip it and do the express registration and set up your information later.

NameCheap : Winner

GoDaddy : Loser

After Market Features

Both companies offer a ton of aftermarket features to help you manage your domain including setting up web hosting for your site, managing your email, DNS management and extra services such as web design and SEO options. GoDaddy currently offers more of these aftermarket features which gives them the edge here.

NameCheap : Loser

GoDaddy : Winner


Both companies have been around for a long time now and are very well established at the top of the marketplace. They both are known for giving good pricing and good service. They are good stable companies and not about to turn around tomorrow and rip you off with your domain. Lately GoDaddy has come under fire in the media for with a couple of tough PR blunders. There was the issue with their CEO hunting elephants in Africa and tweeting about it and then their public support for SOPA both of which has damaged the companies reputation with their customers. NameCheap has been able to capitalize on these issues drawing customers away from GoDaddy.

NameCheap : Winner

GoDaddy : Loser

Final Result

There are of course a lot of other factors to take into account between these 2 companies and you should take some time to evaluate both companies yourself to judge which would be best for your needs. I have been using both for many years now but my domain registrar of choice is ….

Overall Winner : NameCheap

The reliability, clean interface, pricing and freebies as well as a solid management tool for managing my domain’s are all areas where NameCheap has earned my business for many years now and will do for many years to come.


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    It was really informative. Your website is very useful.
    Many thanks for sharing!

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