Online Wireframe Tools For Your Website Design

I am a primarily a developer and as such I really suck at design.  My designs are so bad that I gave up on even trying to design websites a long time ago.  I do however know what kind of structure I want for a website.  When working with an expert at Web design services Australia, the easiest way for me to get them to understand what structure I want for the website is to use a wire-framing tool.

There are plenty of good tools out there but most of them run on the desktop.  I prefer to do as much work as I can using web tools and unfortunately right now the choice of tools for wire-framing online is limited.  While the choice is limited, they quality of the online tools is high.  These are 2 online wire-framing tools I would recommend.

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MockingBird –

Mockingbird Wireframe tool

I have been using MockingBird for a couple of years now and I’m very happy with the product.  Its fast and simple to use.  There are a wide variety of components to use if your mockups and the saving and exporting features work very well.  The only downside I have found is the lack of ability to annotate the wireframes.

Balsamiq –

Balsamiq Wireframe Tool

I have only recently started using Balsamiq but have become very impressed with it very quickly.  Much like Mockingbird the online tool is fast and simple to use and there is also a good selection of components to choose from.  The drag and drop interface is just a little bit smoother and gives a bit more fine control over the elements than Mockingbird in my opinion and the ability to annotate the mockups fills in the gaps in functionality that were missing with Mockingbird.

Both tools provide a free trial tool to test out and then have a range of monthly plans that begin at low rates.  I would suggest giving both tools a try on your next projects and seeing which one works best for you.

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