The One Week Project

Creativity and ideas are one of the key skills that a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners have that allows them to create new and innovative websites and products. Often the flip side to this skill is the struggle with focus. Whenever someone has multiple ideas and several projects going on at the same time, choosing which one to work on can be a challenge. A lot of the time it can result in several projects started but perpetually in an unfinished state.

While there are lots and lots of productivity and self help books and websites out there to help people focus on projects and get things done I have found that working in what I call the ‘One Week Project’ method works for me best.

The basic’s of the One Week Project are very easy. At the start of each week you will pick a project to work on and that project becomes your priority for the week. The goal being to have that project completed by the end of the week. Completing one thing every week keeps your forward momentum on your projects as you are actually completing things and also gives a good feeling of accomplishment as you are actually finishing things. Projects might include things like Add a new section to your blog and write 4 posts for it, add a newsletter to your website, add 10 new back links to your site etc…

There are a few key things to take into consideration when planning your One Week Projects. Following these simple rules will make your projects successful.

  • Pick a starting day and end day for the week and stick with them (i.e. Always start on Monday’s, always end on Sundays).
  • Be honest with yourself as to how much time you will have to spend on a project during the week and pick a project you can finish. Some weeks will be small projects, other weeks may be bigger ones.
  • Remind yourself throughout the week when you have new ideas to stay focused on this weeks project, you can focus on your new idea next week if you want.
  • Don’t plan your weeks ahead of time. Wait until the start of the week to decide what you want to work on.
  • If you have big projects, such as creating a new website, break the project down into smaller one week projects.
  • Try to get something done for your project everyday, no matter how small. Keep moving forward and keep getting things done.

Following these rules you will start to see more accomplishments and be able to break out of the cycle of spinning your wheels and never feeling like you get things completed.

I would also recommend keeping a list of your projects that you have completed. Over time this list will grow and serve as encouragement to keep going as you see everything you have done. Looking back at the list after a year can be a great feeling as you see the list of all the work you have completed for the year.

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