Your Facebook page likes are about to drop

Facebook like dropThose of you who woke up this morning and checked your Facebook insights for their Facebook page saw an interesting message that doesn’t bode well for like counts.  The message informs Facebook page admins that on March 12th they may see a reduction in the number of likes they currently have on their page. 

We’ve recently updated the way we measure how many people like your Page. Pages may see a decrease in likes after March 12, when we removed likes from inactive Facebook accounts.

The message states that the reduction is due to removing page likes from accounts that Facebook decides are inactive.  What actually constitutes an inactive page is undefined and how many likes a page can also expect to lose is also not clear but if this is anything like the recent inactive account purge Facebook did with Instagram we can expect to see some large drops in Facebook likes and a lot of angry page admins.

Back in January of this year, Instagram (owned by Facebook) performed a similar purge of inactive account that resulted in large drops in followers for some Instagram pages.  The purge, dubbed ‘Instagram Rapture’, effected nearly every Instagram follower count and some lager pages saw drops in the millions.  This caused uproar in the Instagram community and even drive some users to delete their accounts entirely rather than face the smaller follower counts.

Expect to see the same kind of reaction on March 12th when the Facebook Rapture happens. Without knowing what an ‘inactive account’ means to facebook, it’s hard to estimate who will see the most impact. Those most likely to be effected however fall into 2 groups.  Those that have paid for page likes from bulk page like services are most likely to see a large drop as it’s safe to assume the majority of those likes are from fake accounts that Facebook will determine to be ‘inactive’.  The other group that maybe effected are pages that have been around for a long time and have large like counts.

Whatever happens on March 12th, the bottom line is, it’s won’t effect your post engagement count or traffic to he website as these inactive accounts were never seeing your posts anyway.  In reality it’s a good thing long term as it should only improve your post engagement which will lead to greater exposure for your posts.

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